Spring and Itchy Travel Bones

Cliffs with castle remains near sea

 Julia O'Reilly

Spring and rainy days here in the Pacific Northwest make me twitchy.

I want to get out and do things! It’s still wet for painting outdoors. Or for tilling the garden, for that matter.

Of course there’s always something that needs doing, but not all tasks feed the soul and the heart equally. I’m easily distracted by new possibilities and daydreams, and my attention often turns to traveling at this time of year.

I love seeing how people make art and breakfast and bread and clothes and bargains and music in other places and cultures besides my own. 

I'm full of energy, ready to pop out like a seed.  I crave the creative thrill that comes from going someplace new. I want to explore distant ruins, and walk distant shorelines. Even if it’s just as rainy as it is here. Though a warm sunny spot would be nice.

Traveling is a journey.  If done with courtesy, appreciation and respect, we open doors for new understanding.  

Where are you going this year?  How are you responding to the ever-changing conditions of the COVID pandemic?  What are you offering?

Is it too soon to make plans?  

"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world."

– Gustave Flaubert