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Our mission

To inspire creativity for a better world, to reimagine a world where art transforms our experience for the extraordinary on a daily basis.

Getting Started

You have some great locations picked out, and some exciting workshop ideas.

What's next? Here's an overview.

1. Create your Artist Profile

Your annual subscription comes with a professional artist profile page. Get the word out with marketing tools, and none of the overhead or site maintenance. So you can spend more of your time in the studio or on your trips.

2. Planning

If you're new to art-travel workshops or if you just want some new ideas, we've added the Green Room, with Help and Tips articles for wrangling the details. We're here to help you be successful, be creative and get on the road where you want to go.

3. Create a Workshop

...or two or three or more! Once you're listed as one of our artists, you can create an unlimited number of inspiring art-travel workshops.

Creating a workshop is easy and fun. Getting it online is as easy as filling out a form. You don't need any specialized web skills.

Not sure what to write or include? The Green Room has resources to help you stay on track.

On the front end, your workshops are automatically and professionally designed. All you need to do is move in!

4. Your Artist Account

Manage all your workshops and customers directly in one easy-to-navigate workspace.

For more information, see the Terms of Use.

5. Other Details

So how do you get paid? We use Stripe payment services, which is fully integrated with our platform so you can accept payments globally.

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